It Was Always You LED Neon Sign

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Product Description

The It Was Always You LED neon sign will let your special someone know you have been waiting for them your whole life! Perfect for any couple, this sign will leave no doubt that you always choose them, now and forever!

Product Features

  • It Was Always You LED neon sign is available in multiple color options: blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and white
  • Easy to connect and install for quick room set-up and lighting
  • Includes power supply, wired plug, screw for hanging, and dimmable neon sign adapter to create the perfect ambiance for any space or event
  • Product Dimensions: Width - 37.4 inches, Height - 9.8 inches
  • Works for both 110v and 220v - CE ROHS approved for neon light and adapter 

Product FAQs

  • How long will my LED neon sign last?

    Firebolt Direct LED neon signs have a rated service life of 50,000 — 100,000 hours, which equals nearly 11 years of colorful and vibrant uptime.
  • Do I have to worry about my LED neon sign shattering or breaking?

    No! Firebolt Direct LED neon signs are made of acrylic and do not use glass tubing like traditional neon signs, so there’s no potential for it to break.
  • Are LED neon signs energy-efficient?

    You bet! Firebolt Direct LED neon signs consume up to 70%—80% less energy compared to traditional, glass tube neon signs of the same size.

Thank you for shopping with Firebolt Direct! If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please review our Product Returns, Refunds, and Warranty Policies

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